Dead Flowers


Dead flowers disintegrate into the soil,

And soon bloom into new beautiful flowers, 

With the right nurture and love.

I am those dead flowers.

With all my flaws,

I see them not as flaws,

But as characteristics,

That will soon have me bloom

Into something beautiful, 

With the right nurture and love.

My flaws are loved, 

Because you and I love them.

Without you, I would still love myself,

But you help me see myself as an

Everlasting galaxy surrounded by dimly lit stars.

You help nurture me, and you love me.

You helped me see that I am

Not what I used to see myself as, 

But as something much more beautiful and valuable than that.

I look into the mirror today, and

I see scars, that will soon fade away into

Flawless, peach colored skin.

I see lips, that will no longer touch

The toxic fumes of a ciagrette, or

The toxic lips of a boy that made me feel

Anything less of what I deserve.

I see hands, that will no longer touch the scorching

Hatred that I used to feel for myself and my body.

I see eyes, that will look like stars glazed

with optimism and beauty, instead of the usual

Black hole of emptiness that others used to see.

And I see a heart, that will do nothing, but

Help me love my body, myself, and others,

And see the beauty in the world and myself,

That I never used to see. 


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