"dead meat" official Song (Kieran Disstrack) 2018 SONG


410 Gage Road
gage road Tennessee
United States

listen, i want a minute of time, just to appreciate life, But dude i wouldnt be talking you look like a whale that started walking! you need to chill coming at me wishing i would die, spitting lies trying to make me cry, when youll get old youll still be programing computers, have such big man tits you look like you work at hooters! listen im not the bully here this will probably go on until senior year, "im sorry" "can you forgive me" this is not normal drama, i wont baby you im not your mama, i helped you since 5th grade fit in, stop bulling, and much more, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET! im done with this kid, you think your the creed of the crop like your a god, your just a flop! him and his channel is now stuck in a ditch, i just exposed another snitch! Stephen Gaming OUT!!!

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