Deadly Distortions


United States
37° 52' 8.7456" N, 84° 40' 45.4548" W

I sit in total darkness, begging to see light.
I know I should be happy, but something's not quite right.
My mind is haunted by "what if," and replays my deepest regret.
If the truth sets you free, it hasn't happened to me yet.
While I dwell on my mistakes, I feel a need to not recall.
Even though I have hopes and dreams, life has become a brawl.
So now my lethal razor blade feels pleasant to the touch.
Thoughtlessly I slice my wrist to keep from hurting inside as much.
And to think I once said "suicide is unnecessary and dumb."
Yet, look at the route I've taken, look at what can't be undone.


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