The Deadly Lap



You're in a race

You look at your opponent

He looks ready

You hear the gunshot


You both take off

You're running as fast as you can

and he is too

Legs far apart

With each leg launching you as far as possible


Your opponent is close behind

You're winning

You like the feeling

but then you notice something that can end it all for good


You're gasping for air

You're tired

Trying your hardest because this victory will get you far

But your body says "no"


You push

You push


Your opponent is catching up

You see it in the corner of your eye

The anxiety sets you up for further defeat


as he passes you, you wonder "why me?"

you think, "How is this possible?He put in the same effort as I did"

Then you collapse


In pain

In crisis

Gasping for air


A day later you are admitted to a hospital

On fluids

And then you think to yourself "I should not have over-worked myself"

Because in you is one of the most unheard and silent killers

You have Sickle Cell....After all.




(This poem serves as an example of the limitations set on people with Sickle Cell Disease. This disease has no cure and has taken the lives of many young people.  We should all push to raise Sickle Cell awareness)



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