Dealing Life Alone

I'm tired of the same old routine

they expect me to be like a stronghearted machine

everyday its from school to home to school to home

everyday not wanting to get home but instead roam

roam the world without worries and pain

just feeling like I'm not tied up to a chain

having to stay strong so my sibilings won't notice

won't notice that inside Im dying that all I want is to be like a lotus

that way I can be forgetfull and live life like I want to

I think and think for a solution, but there's nothing to do

It ticks me the fuck off that i can't live my life as i want to plane it

instead I live life like full of shit

I'm tired of all this crap i can't deal with no longer

I just really want to be able to be stronger

i just cant understand!!

Is this how my life was planned!!!!


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