Dear Anger

Dear AngerI received the letter you sent through my soul. How you love to invade my spirit, soul and body. How you love to envisage my will, my health, my everything and finally my bones and at last the regret will be mine. I read in between lines. I understood every bit of your comment and  rush. And now I dare to write back. Oh anger!! Why have you decided to torment my being? What has light got to do with darkness that the light which shineth upon the face of the deep will resist it's efforts to bright through the darkness of my heart? Why? Why have you sworn that I'll know no peace for the rest of my life because now you control me why? Have I done anything wrong? Where I'm I owing you a dime? How have I stolen your time that with a mug you now drinks my time? Oh fearless anger why? When your rage arise, the earth quake, the sea and ocean blinds the sand with its untold harshness and unfriendliness. The earth couldn't touch the ground, the heaven and the cloud now cry in dispute because of you sweet anger, why? My blood boils to my marrows, with crutches my hair at attention they stood that I couldn't control myself any longer. My genitals went and rent my pants in the fearing rage of that same you anger! Why? Have we not made peace? Why have you decided to take control over a sweet life of mine? Dear anger, I'm not happy on your tone in the last letter you sent to me. Have you forgotten that I am now a new me? Have you forgotten that I live in a new body and got my soul obedient to the core? For crying out loud why should I be angry over oneself when oneself is not aware and at peace with her soul? Common the days are gone!! You can't take hold of me again like the days past when I nearly destroyed that beautiful girl's breast, when I used pen to dig a whole on that boy's hand, when I tore that guy's hand with a stoke of cane, when I fought that sweet uncle over there, when I cut off that smiling cane and break off the locked padlock and took to my heals. No!! Never again!! I therefore disengage myself with you now and forever. For what the LORD has not joined together let everything put them asunder and two can never work together in disagreement. Best regard to your wife, rage. I never missed her and will never miss or see her again.  Bye forever, till never! I'll write again soonest. From your now enemy Stanley Mata

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