dear child


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Dear Child

There’s a monster in your midst

Don’t run and hide, for she’s not here to hurt you 

She doesn’t have scary fangs or claws, but don’t be fooled

Don’t gallop up to her and say hello for she’s not like Sulley or Mike either 

She’s not here to be your friend, but she is here to help

Dear Child

You’ll be haunted and saved by her

Swallowed into her darkness before you know what that darkness is

Right now dear Child

You know nothing of the darkness that’s to come 

And you know nothing of what she’s capable of

You can’t yet tell the things she’ll make you want to do

You don’t know yet of the unthinkable things you’ll do

Because she says they’ll save you.

Dear Child 

You haven’t tried to join the monster yet in her kingdom of darkness

But you will

You’ll hurt, and you’ll cry, and you’ll pretend like you never tried

It’ll haunt you, but it’ll get her off your back, at least for a little while

You’ll do things you never thought you would to appease the pain 

Until her grasp makes you want to join her again and again

You’ll try to eradicate her but it’s so fucking hard

My dear child you future isn’t an easy one

And I don’t have a ‘but it gets better’

For now, sleep tight my dear, don’t let the bed bugs bite

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