Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,


I see you love America,

With your Strength

For Vets,

Our citizens,

Our businesses,

And Our National Anthem.


I see the spewing hatred

Against all that you do,

Simply because

Your name is Donald Trump.


I want to say that

I know there are those who


But, You have supporters

Who Stand With You.


I see you stand up Strong

For tax reform,


And our safety.


I am truly thankful

To live in a world so promising.


I am proud to have a President

That stands up Strong against

Evil terrorists,

NK’s dictatorship,

And Soros’ regime.


I am saddened that the media

Slanders the truth.


You could save 100 puppies

From crocodiles, and

CNN would say,

“Donald Trump caused

100 Crocodiles to starve.”


2.4 Million Jobs,

Lowest black unemployment rate,

ISIS diminishing,

And bonuses from Tax Reform,

But Fake News doesn't wish to

Comment on That.


I want to say that

Americans stand with you.

We see your Enthusiasm,


And Patriotism.

Although there will always be those

That Resist,


Americans are Proud to say

“Donald Trump is my President.”



A Patriot


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Minister Peacefulpoet

New here

I like your poem and so happy it was banned.

I'm not so crazy about Trump but I don't hate him either

I don't know why hate has become so popular, it makes me sad.

It could have been worse and it will get better, I believe that.

Thanks for sharing. 


Don't agree with your poem at all. 

Don't like the fact that as an American, your poem ropes me into a creed 

That I don't believe

I can't change your mind, or walk a mile in your shoes. 

No, I don't share your view. 

But I don't intend to argue, not unless you do. 


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