Dear Friend

i hear your laugh daily
i picture your smile often
i contemplate about the night they took my friend
trying to block it out but it plays again

i don't understand why it had to be you
leaving us so soon...God, tell me why
you were a star athlete & an intellectual young man
but most of were my close friend

i remember the times we shared like it was yesterday
me, you & mark actin' a fool in Ms Bronaugh's B2 class
you & i flamin' each other in ALWAYS got me lol . 
you use to buy me candy bags from the store every B-Day before school...we use to smash that bag! lol
and i can NEVER forget about the times in ANP when it was me, you, bre & tammy...talking about Ms Brounaugh's nasty smellin' breath

i know people say you're suppose to think of the goodtimes we shared
but the more i think of them...the more i cry
i miss you so much & i never forget about you
every night i pray...thanking God for blessing me with you
i hope you are still looking down on me & saving me a spot on your dream team in the heavens above
but for now i'll continue to see you in my dreams

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