Dear Future Aubrey

January 11, 2018


Dear Future Aubrey,

If you are learning something new or, quite possibly having a new issue. Whatever it may be you need to see that you can get through, as you have many times before. You have your friends, family, those of with you will have found new trends or left along the many paths, and bends that you face as you have grown. Let them come and let some go, but they are with you on this road.

If you cry over those who have left you, then you fortify the fact that they had an impact on you. Love yourself without the doubt that others place over you. You are smart and beautiful they are not your counterpart; you are as yourself whole. You can make it through this problem; they can leave no totem to claim that you have failed. Every misadventure and mistake only goes to show how you are oh so great.

If you are feeling bad, begin to realize why you should be glad. The sun shines in the sky, the grass is green, even if you are not living your fairy tale dream you are alive and have that true self-esteem. You can speak to the crowds; have no fear of thunderclouds. You can dance in the rain and sing to the moon. You have those songs that make your heart beat so that you get on your feet. Making it this far is tough, but you did it so you cannot say this is too rough.

If you have to be reminded to keep going on, know you have your mother and your brother by your side, one in death and one in life. They had an expectation for you the same one you have followed, the one you have that cannot be overshadowed. No matter how far in the future you read this, it has the same meaning to match a beaming smile you should always wear. You can make it through anything the world would throw at you.

The past with much love,


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