Dear Future Child





I, 24 years into life on a wet fall Decembers’ day. Express to you my dearest, my deepest feelings and understandings to you.  In life we distinguish night from day but someone will always awake in your night’s phase. Your one in trillions. Your one of a million. Minus the world, zoom in on the household. Your born from a being, a human being with a soul. The Energy or emotions intertwining from your brain moving fast light, like lighting through you veins. Only to hear the thunder when you awoke. Look on the outside remember we will always be different shades. Don’t be picky have love for the array of shades. Respect others like you respect yourself. The shades are of your choice. Skin i call “shades” is flesh that molds into beauty as we grow of age. Workout if you don’t want to you will be lazy and overly tired. Exercise some it helps open the mind and body to greater things. Rewinding my timeline, I now see the failure as good criticism. No rushing or you will get confused. TRUST ME ! The year as I’m writing is 2017, I learned to love myself and grow. Although, I can get surgery to fix my insecurities, but TRUST ME I WON’T! Maybe braces for my teeth, but HEY! Don’t suck on your thumb! All man you could not read this at that young. Mother will guide you. I’m open minded, patient and firm with good wisdom. I’m living in a time where Racism is amongst the shades trying deflect them other things. To be honest, I just want to lasso a cloud and travel around, and explore the world from town to town. Sad to say it is impossible today, but maybe on one day I will have my wish. Life is hard. You know why? Selfness in self from cons, to thefts, to backstabbers all for wealth and they show their greed yes indeed. Don’t be overly greedy my dearest, but choose your friend wisely. Oh yea! “Mother will guide you.” I love you. 


Mother , Asia Berry