Dear Life


Im done with you

Fed up with the pain you put me through

Blood continues to pour from the stabs in my back

Feelings worn on my arm, as if it were a tat

Youve attacked me and murdered my heart

Demolished it, tore it apart

You gave me happiness but still brought me hell

Trapped inside of my sorrows, someone unlock this cell!

Have a desire to bring revenge upon you, my lifelong fantasy

But if i did that, it would be the end of me

Im gazing at the bottom of the deep brown ledge

Youve pushed me to my breaking point, ready to jump of the edge

As I glare at nature down below, thoughts run through my mind

What harm will be caused if I jump and die?

Can I shield this pain with my pride?

While composing my ideas, you snuck behind me pushing me to my death

As I slowly fall I write this letter, before taking my last breath

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