Dear Love,

Why is it so hard to understand you?

Whenever people come to help, you’re shrouded by overwhelming trusting problems.

How come you can’t trust them if they get too close?

Yet, in return, you want to get close to other people, and want them in your life.

Even then, you back off because you fear they’ll leave you.

Rather than living in the moment, there’s fear for the future because you don’t want a shattered heart.


When you look around, there’s always happy couples.

You long to have that.

Seeing couples who do simple things such as dancing in the kitchen or going on hikes together.

It doesn’t seem like much-- it’s not going to a fancy restaurant every week, or even every month.

You just want to spend time with your boyfriend and really enjoy life with them.


The problem is, you always hear the first love never lasts.

Thinking perhaps if you waited long enough, you’ll find The One, and everything will be perfect.

Except relationships aren’t perfect.

Despite everyone talking about how they’re truly happy with their significant others, they go around and stab each other in the back.

They go kiss other people or make other lovers without their first one knowing.

Or they talk bad things behind their back-- sometimes even secrets.

I suppose you’re afraid of that. Knowing people can learn everything about you, but then go around spilling your secrets while cheating behind your back.

You hear people in relationships get in fights, and I suppose you’re afraid that if a fight broke out between you and your boyfriend, he won’t try to fix it to stay together.


Though you’re afraid of all these things, you still have to have hope.

Still hope you will find The One next time you cause a flutter in my stomach.

Hope that they’ll give us the same amount of love we give them.

No matter how much we get in fights, hope that he’ll be trying as hard to keep us all together.

Stop being shrouded by trusting problems and learn that not everyone is as horrible as those who have hurt us.

Instead, trust that he’ll always be there, truthfully, and that we’ll all be helping each other.


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