Dear Me

Dear Me,

do you see what I see?


what have come of the world around us?

where one opinion matters more than anyone else's does.

it makes no cents so it isn't going to change;

hidden behind five-hundred dollar sneakers and strings to lace up the strange.

that's what our society is made up of.

clipping wings off of newborn doves,

strpping them up and taping back their eyelids

teach them the wrong; wrongs that they did

the earth died once before and was renewed

she can go on without us, she'll die anew

we're just simply speeding up the process

isn't it sad we're making progress?

crumbling walls of a foundation our ancestors built

the power aftermath of the inevitable guilt

the untenable at risk due to the carelessness of the apathetic

except the indifference is pathetic.

"where do we go from here?"

we keep surviving, my dear.

and in the end, when we're through,

when many turns into a few

you'll live to see the new 

the profound view






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