Dear Mr. Trump

Dear President Trump,


The day of the election, November 8, 2016, I was working at the polls for 9 hours assisting the voters to vote. Later that day, I was watching the news and heard that you have become President and I was so amazed. The fact that you won the presidency using only hate but that's not the worst part. The worst part is acknowledging that four years our nation will be filled with hate and ignorance. Not only that but how can one human being, such as you, be able to have that much hate towards other human beings, it something that I cannot grasp. I do not know if you feel superior to others but you claim to be a man of Christ and personally, I am not religious but I know that God views everyone equally, however, you clearly do not. I want you to represent the other half of America, the liberals, the youth, the ones who do not want families to be separated, the ones who want equally for all, not matter their sex, gender, or disability. You represent the racist, the ignorance, the hate of America and sadly there is a lot, which most your supporters. Therefore, I have a voice, even though, you probably do not want me to because I am Hispanic and a female, anyhow, I will use the voice I was given to show how displease I am with you and your actions. You're so immature and uneducated and sadly people wanted you to run this nation, however, I do not want you as the president, as well as many other, therefore, we will unite our voices and show how upset we are. Furthermore, I do want changes to occur for our nation, however, one big change that I want it to change your heart. I believe everyone, even as horrible human as you, have a little good in them. But your views of “good” is to separate families and torture and humiliate other human beings. I beg of you to see the other side, open your mind and heart. Diversity is the color of the nation, do not let this nation go without its color.


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well said

Santirece Jackson

I love what you've written. It's truly well said and it describes almost everything I feel whenever I hear about or think of Donald Trump, but sadly, some minds are so narrow that there is no talking to them or anything. He's one of them. You are amazing though. Keep up the positivity and the enlightenment. Thanks.

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