Dear Mr.President

Dear Mr.President,

Remember when you could find happiness arounf the corner,

Instead of sadness upon everyone's face

Remember when there was love in every child's heart

Yet all you see is spite in their eyes

Remember when you said you had faith in our futures 

But now you only have fear for what today brings us 

Remember when you gave us hope in the samllest of things 

Now we have disgrace for the greatest of times

Because I don't 

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A wonderful poem, discussing the goal that every human being desires: happiness. Though we do not know how to reach such a high altitude of success we dream of the day to be there. It discusses the wonderful topic that seems to commonly come to mind: our president. Of 5 stars I rate this as a 4.5, showing ametaur talent and openess of someone of the age that is not known for having knowledge outside of football games and homecoming. 




very touching 

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