Dear Mrs.Teacher Bitch,

I'm sick of you going 'round treatin' me like a child

the way you act in front of me just 'bout drove me wild

it pisses me off when you say, "When youre older you'll understand"

why dont I tell you that shit with the back of my hand?

have you forgotten what its like to be my age?

hormones racing, homework, Im just tryin' to get through the day!

my mom at home given me shit, I don't need it from you

I got drama to my eyeballs and work up my ass too!

maybe when I'm older I'll look back to this day

where I was so fuckin' pissed off for not getting my way

when I was right, shit, I just need a break,

just some peace so I dont stay up wide and awake

It's like you teachers forget what its like to be in my shoes,

everyday havin' to fight and scared of being abused,

When everything around you is just so fuckin' confusing

no matter which way you turn you cant help but end up losing.

It's like I'm lost between being a grown up and a kid

taking responsibility for every little thing I did

but when I want a little freedom you say, "tough shit, you're too damn wild"

taking away my freedom and treating me like a child

maybe I should just say fuck it and move on 

but then again I'll point out all the damn things you did wrong.



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