Dear Nobody

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 15:26 -- jt91613

Dear Nobody,


The moon, the trees, the sky and the sea.

These are all of the things I see.

I appreciate all the diversity, all the people, and all the leaves.

Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall.

Snow, Sun, Flowers, oh I know im such a doll.

Being me is all I want to be. Being me is all I see.

No one needs to read this. No one needs to see this. This is for me. 

Scarred skin bears the marks of battle. Scarred on the inside , its such a stuggle.

For better or worse I tell myself.

All I have is me and no one else.

So goodbye, and farewell.

I'll write you soon Nobody, so don't sit and dwell.

Become a Somebody, so some day you can write back as well.

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