Dear Sandpaper Family

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 16:08 -- gvonfos

Dear Sandpaper family,


I see all of you,

All your bumps and bruises

All your ragged clothes worn over the remnants of your skin

Worn over the remnants of your blood scabbed skin

Worn over you


Sandpaper family,

Mother and daughter

Father and son

The family became when the toxins of the mother

Met the emptiness of the father

Rubbed against each other until they were both dust


And that dust, that dust will burn.

The dry gasoline dehydrating the acid on your tongue

Sandpaper family, when will you learn?


The sandpaper children don’t know what to do

So sandpaper daughter does nothing, and sandpaper son,

does everything


Sandpaper family,

The darkness you create you think is impenetrable.

Your darkness is mere mud on a window

But windows can be broken

And broken glass cuts skin

So, when you slam car doors expect someone to get hurt


Sandpaper family,

Those sirens are the sound of police

Out to save you not get you

Your schizophrenic beliefs and your bipolar values

Depresses not only the children you harbour,

But anyone they will ever meet.


Anyone you ever meet will try to create sanctuaries in your head but the floor will cave into your own fog.

And your fog is the absence of the places

You've never been to.


Sandpaper family,

do not invite them to stay

Warn them to leave, because

Nothing will grow without sunlight

Sandpaper does not support life

Sandpaper family,

You are not living,

You are embodying all the past heartache you've caused.


Sincerely, sandpaper son.




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My family
Our world
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