Dearest Friend

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 13:37 -- ecimase

My feelings I should now confess

To me you are a sweet princess

If a flower, you'd be a rose

Now is a good time, I suppose

Do you think I should wait?

Or that I was too late?

Anyway, I will tell you

About how much I loved you

I adored your great smile

To me, it was worth while

Excited, but nervous to be near

Next to the friend I held so dear

To be the victim of your frown

It hurt for me to let you down

I wanted to make you mine

Realized I was out of time

I have to wonder why

He wouldn't even try

You want someone more willing

Your compamy's so thrilling

You know I will be here

It's obvious I care

Even towards the end

We will still be friends

Together we may never be

We shall have to wait and see

I don't care if you laugh

Or if I face your wrath

All that I should say

Is it will be okay

It is really crappy

You really are unique

My interest in you do peak

Huggable like a fluffy cloud

To be your friend, I'm truly proud

You are a snow white dove

A friend I dearly love

There are bonds we form within

An irreplaceable kin

It hurts when you cry

I just don't know why

When I gaze into your eyes

My spirits fly up so high

You are just like my favorite flavor

My loyalty will never waver

Our paths will often intersect

To you, I know I can connect

You always understand

May I take your hand?

Listen, I hope you hear

These words so sincere

Even when things start to get tough

You are a friend I dearly love


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