Death Is Just A Darker Side Of Life

Hands grip my soul

Slowly dragging the life from me

A hole forms in my heart

Leaving a space that can never be filled.


Two lips hover over me

Giving me the kiss of death

Sucking out the pain

Letting it drift away.


Holding my hand 

But your grip is to tight

I don't feel any love

But then again I never really did.


There's a stone where my heart once was

A cold seeping into me

My jacket cant keep out cold from the inside

So I let myself freez.


That nife hovers over my hand

Cutting again and again

Until the walls turn red

And my blood flows freely.


I'm not afraid of death

I'm just afraid of being alone

And I wonder if anything actually matters

And if living is worth the pain

Or would it just be easier to pick up that gun

and put an end to it all?

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