A Declaration of Peace

IT WAS DECLAREDIn a time long archaic,Its dates scribbled over with the imprints of sand and eons,That a child was given light. On that day, IT WAS DECLARED That the child had the following rights and duties:1. The duty to follow the rules set by the paternal,2. The duty to endure the love of the maternal, and3. The right to produce life and joy within her imaginative realm. The parents had duties all too warped by the decisions of their past. At home, the right hand of the father took a different meaningThan that orated in church, and,In times of temptation and test the child was sidelined to the blind eye of the omnipotentWe are at but the whim of the quaternary,Upon whatever Time sees fit to stretch her fatal graspWe endure.The year goes by; I am warped and stretched to the edges of my consciousTorn by the emotions of a man too venomous to feelStepping out of the old world and into the newI feel the grit, I grind the grain, To feed the new world of freedom. IT IS DECLAREDThat the child is endowed with the following rights:1. To live in freedom from the oppressors of her past,2. To have the ability to suffer in peace,3. And to feel the feelings she had ought to feel for so long.She is as new as the calendar, she has shed her skin, she is the rising sun. 

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My family
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