Dee and Ann

This year has been the same 

more or less.

I told myself; 2016 was my year,

but that never happened.

It was the same as every year.

I'll tell you why 

I have two best friends

their names are Dee and Ann. 

Short for Depression and Anxiety

Dee always wants me to feel sad.

Sad for things that I can't help.

She knows that I need to sat in bed. 

Ann knows my weaknesses, 

she knows how to use it against me.

Both know what's best for me. 

Both are always there.

There are days when Dee takes over.

She tells me lies: worthless, loser, you're a mistake. 

I try not to believe her, but I can't.

She has said these words often, that I believe them.

Then Ann takes over.

 She's the one who bosses me around,

telling me what to do.

There are days where both are present. 

I am their prisoner. 

I try to fight their grip, but I can't, they are stronger. 

When will I be strong enough to break the shackles? When? 

I have two friends, their names are Dee and Ann. 

And they are in control;

friends that have never left my side.

But 2017 Will be My year to go our separate way, 

Away from Dee and Ann.


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