Devilish Behavior


-I swear, you be messin with people on a daily basis!

-Affecting many innocent lives everyday!

-Puttin fear into those innocent eyes like Charles Manson!

-Nearly tearin families apart, like the atomic bomb that tore hiroshima and nagasaki apart!


-You creep up on people like Satan krept up on Adam and Eve!


-Be givin so much grief, that people be askin Why God? Why?


-But I be remindin em, don't be askin God that question!


-Ask God how to get rid of this devilish disease that be bringin mankind to its knees!


-Be makin people cry rivers of grief and sorrow so deep, that Noah bringin 2 of every animal onto his arch!


-People be goin through hell to get rid of your ugliness, process!


-but know this, those brothas and sistas of mine may be physically gone, but their spirit lives on!


-Wanna know why Cancer?


-Cuz, we've all had a brother, sister, mother or father, who's been a victim of your devilish behavior!


-And cuz of that cancer, we gotta bond between us that won't be broken!


-A bond so strong, that it can't be broken by the devil himself!


-So you see, you can't take my brothas, or sistas away from me or for that matter my father!


-A father you nearly took from me!


-For six months, you took my family on a rollacoster through hell!


-But whateva didn't break my family, made us stronger!


-People be sayin theres no medicine or antidote to get rid of your ugliness!


-But I'm determined!


-Determined like a baby tryin to walk, but keeps on fallin!


-Ima slay you like David slayed Goliath!


-You see cancer, you taught me an important lesson!


-A lesson that'll be passed down for many generations!


-You wanna know what that is Cancer?


-In the words of the great Jimmy V, "Don't give up! Don't ever give up!"


-We'll neva give up, cuz your ass ain't goin away anytime soon!


-We  got Hope, Heart, and Determination!


-I got one last thing to tell you before I go, so listen up!


-You've given us enough grief, and sorrow, tryin to break us apart, tear us apart!


-That we neva wanna see your ugly ass again!


-So get the hell outta our site, and dig yourself your own grave where you belong with Satan himself!


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