Devil's Threeway


I am one of three –
Shadow, skin, and light.
A triplet split from the same egg and sperm.
Make it 3 and you’ll have me
It’s so sexy,
Being cleaved into thirds.  
A threesome with myself.

The shadow is morose.
A needy, demanding whore
Begging to be cut up.
I want to,
So I can the blood wring around my –
Wrists like shackles pinning her
To my bed.
I know it’ll shut her up
But I can’t bring myself to do it.
I’m not that kinky.  

The skin is boring.
A virginal flower
Dreaming of understanding.  
She’s too wholesome,
Always waiting for the right
Version of herself to come along.
Saving myself –
For the right time.
My tastes aren’t quite so

The light is adventurous.
A psychotic, brilliant slut
Fucking herself into the ground.
Necrophilia just got a whole lot hotter,
Bodies piling up thanks to her STDs –
Stupid, thoughtless decisions.
Protection?  Ha!
That’s for normal people.
There’s no need for me –
To slow down;
We like it fast.
The skin doesn’t participate.
The horny, virtuous voyeur
Fidgets as the others 69 –
A disgusting yin yang
Of low and high.
The shadow drinking downers
Until she can’t remember
All the bruises covering her heart,
Too distracted by the bile
Smeared across her lips.  
The light popping enough uppers
To strip herself of her
Naked and raw
She often wakes bitter
Of her restored senses.  

This threesome takes place
In a womb,
An amniotic ocean
Swaying toward the shores
Of existence.
Two will drown –
Vanishing triplet syndrome.
Only one may be pulled from
Mental waters and placed on the sands of reality.

The labor takes 33 hours -
Finally I emerge.  
Who survived?
There is no way to tell.

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