Did I Hear You Say?


Did I hear you say?


Did I hear you say your fat again, with teardrops in your eyes?

Lamenting over every extra inch upon your thighs?

Searching through a magazine with women we sensationalize

But tell me now, what is the prize?

To compromise? Draw the attention of guys?

If this is the case I fear you’re misadvised


I’ve been there too, I know the heartache that this life implies

The fear and shame to which this cycle can give rise

Living behind a wall, a disguise

It’s time to take down the guise

Time to improvise

Live a life that defies

Is not defined by what your credit card buys

Or having the most expensive beauty supplies


Be known as the girl who actually tries

To make a difference in others lives

It’s time to revise

To say our goodbyes

Cut our ties to the lies

That we’ve believed for too long

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Our world
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