To Die on Feet, Than to Live on Knees

Is it better to live on knees, than to die on feet?

it is a question I ask to myself whenever I read history books of war and defeat.


Since the ages of the sages,

Slavery had been existent,

People lived in poverty and sufficed with a penny or two as wages,

Since then this tradition has been persistent.


Of what worth is such a life,

Which is always at the threat of a knife?

To live at the mercy of someone else,

Is equally bad as living without respect for oneself,


Thus such an existence is worthless,

It can be concluded that living on knees is futile and useless,


But when the tables are turned, the entire picture seems different,

A martyr seems more respectful than a servant,


To die shackle-less with respect,

Will always be done by a man who has lived his life to the fullest,


For life is a precious gift,

It should not be wasted,

It is not something that you’d find in a thrift,

It should cherished, lived to its best,


Thus a life without freedom is a life wasted,

And from this poem of mine I have concluded,


“It is better to die on feet

Than to live on knees!”

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beautiful, though i only partially agree i believe in living on one's

knees but not bowed to man, but to God. you are right about slavery though. 

and about living as a serevent, well you can still be a king, just not in riches 

you can serve a fool, and still be righteous.