Difference of Vibes

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 15:20 -- sarongz

I've made it through,

the hollow tube of hearts and minds,

Both fake and true.

I constituted that I won't care,

holding the feelings inside I bare.

What it contains I cannot say,

for non the thoughts are that of me.


I memorized the sameness of minds,

in shapes and size,

difference of vibes.

As I walked by a similar path,

all provided some guide of light.

Some of the dark, made of great pain,

traps and falls were all I'd gain.

Some of the darkness and light combined,

I often tripped but came out fine.

Others so bright, glowing their light,

every step I went amazed my sight.

But most compelled was I of my kind,

been through the dark but chose the light.


These path I came so determined to follow through,

What was their clam for all their view?

While thinking so, little did I know,

I was censored as I walked through.

As I got out the door of minds,

dark, mixed and bright,

difference of vibes,

I went in clean,

I came out judged.



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