She wears the standard uniform:

  1. Aeropostale tank with white and blue lettering
  2. American Eagle hoodie
  3. Lulu Lemon leggings
  4. Ugg boots
  5. Powdery make-up caked in place by tears cried when the girl in black called her a slut

She wears her usual armor:

  1. Earbuds plugged in, sound all the way up
  2. Black Vans or Converse, virtually interchangeable
  3. Band t-shirt
  4. Dark hoodie, head disappearing inside
  5. Eyeliner put on so thick it could be war paint, applied when the memory of the popular girl calling her a dyke was a fresh wound

She doesn't know if she can withstand the pain for another moment.

She just wants love.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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