A crazy kind of feeling

the young girls call fun

adrenaline like heartbeats at the sight of it

my mama call it danger

earthquake emotion like up in that movie the notebook

ohh those sugary sweet hugs and kisses

even the darn flowers and chocolate


love isn't always so bad

just remember you can't find it around the corner

and don't forget:

love can break you--

or make you


love will come upon a prince

just don't let your clock strike midnight

I thought I caught a glimpse of it

But nope it was just migraines in my chest

several broken pieces were left

Of the beautiful sculpture they called my heart

stealing these sculptures was his kind of art


My mind continued screaming “heck to love”

it means, you know, well,  “no way!”

drowning in the thought of love

hoping to be pulled out one day

But it was just all a dream,

Love shall never come

and if it does

I will never let it  break me

like shattered glass


I look love in the eye in laugh

Insomnia is afraid to come

ice cream and cake was never done

But love is fun so don't hear me wrong

just never let it change your way of direction


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