The Disconnect

Ive been suffering this disconnect
Past and present shuffling in my head
It has to be said
These days I know no wrong
Cause its been too lonely of a song
To have sung along
I hate how my voice trembles
I hate its tone
It sounds too alone
Even those awful whispers
Feel i should have atoned
What now, whats next
Tomorrow isnt in my best interest
The only thing left
Is to accept the disconnect
And take it from there
But without any fear
Or loathing
Cause i know there's better days coming
I'll wake up with no tear
I promise
I wont cry
My eyes will only be watery with pride
But only in due time
There's so many gorgeous souls left to meet
Its too early call it in as defeat
I promise
The disconnect will no longer haunt me

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Our world
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