Discovery of a Simile, or The Dreamer

I could never decide what I was like,

in the face of

9,000,000,000 species and


3,000,000,000 stars and

7,000,000,000 people,

most of whom I will never speak to,

none of whom will I ever fully comprehend.


I crept around it all,

soft on my feet, stepping through dust,

wary of stirring the world’s sleep.


Every step I took was foreign, strange,


so I became content with

standing still.


But I had a dream last night

that I was floating in a dark, starless sky,



looking down on gleaming city veins

and sculpted ocean waters.

I could see every magnificent

combination of atoms on Earth.


Now I know what I am like.

I am as beautiful and significant as

9,000,000,000 species and


3,000,000,000 stars and

7,000,000,000 people

and all their suffering, hunger,

love, worry, fear, and joy.


I slip into the world’s bed of

warm laughter and lullabies in 6,500 languages

and I find a place for myself at last,

for in the end, we are all made from the same glorious dust.

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Our world
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