do i want to spend the rest of my life with you?


I want to spend a lot of time with youdo i want to spend the rest of my life with youWe’ll talk about kidsmake plans to travel and buy a new houseI will remember your eyesas genuine like someone telling the truthOur lives intertwine with our soul that uplifts our spiritsSex is always good but doing it next door’s will sound better.

There will be small things.

I will pick up your damp towel from the bed,

and then there are time i won't regardless of age, i will always be handsomeeven when I wasn’t yoursand your hair graces with admirablebeautyWhen we walk up in front of our doorand hear the frightened lows,I will silently judge youfor not immediately entice our intimacyYou will bring me wineand notice how much I we drink,  we stop talking, and just go at it


The seed you plant and I plan

is tunneled through by voles,

the vowels

we speak aren’t vows,

but there’s somethingholding me here, for now,like your eyes, which I supposeare genuine, after all.

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