Do Not Hide Anymore


The newest shoes, anything observers can idealize and see

You are not measured by what they say you should be

We do not have to keep following media's image, instead come talk to me

My hope is to let you show the world the beautiful person you know yourself to be

Whatever you identify to be, you are a part of me


Man behind the curtain, you do not have to hide anymore

I am sorry society does not appreciate our differences


I will not let you develop into a monster because the world does not let you shine

I should be expressive and let the world know you are a creation of mine

I am sorry I have pushed you aside and not let you grow

Individual behind the curtain, lets combine and give them a show


Creation of mine, I will not let you slip and become filled with rage

Man behind the curtain, I will shine the light on us, so you can show your beauty on the stage






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