Does God Care?...

Does God Care?...


I attempted to be an athlete,
My body couldn't take it.
I attempted to be a singer,
My voice couldn't take it.
I attempted to write a book,
My brain couldn't take it.
Every path I've attempted to walk through,
Halfway through the journey,
I found I was unable to endure.
This is why,
My hope has become despair.
My faith has become disbelief.
My love has become hate.
This is why,
Every time I look to the sky,
Asking God for my reason to be,
The answer never seems to be there.
Does he even care?
Does he care?
That I cease to live,
I only exist.
Does he care?
That I cease to give,
I only resist.
I resist the joys of this life.
I resist the pleasures of the outdoors,
For I can't take the disappointment anymore.
Does he care?
Every time I look a person in the eye,
I see the next person that will bring me down.
Does he care?
That my life has never been fair,
And that my only motivation is to just give up.
My name has never been relevant.
My face has never been significant.
My fame shall never be present.
What is my purpose?
What is my fate?
What is my destiny?
Why am I here?
Does God even care about how I feel?
Are these emotions even real?
Or are they figments of my imagination?
Is my imagination,
What leads to my devastation?
Or are my failures a result,
Of consistent humiliation?
Is my lack of acceptance in this world,
My fault?
Is it the world's fault?
Is it God's fault?
I guess...
Only time will tell.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Jan Wienen

Don't forget: "He was made perfect through suffering". Thanks you for putting your heart on paper ...

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