Don't Scream

A man on the streets

Holds a sign saying, “Freedom!”

But what does he want

This man with a sign

Who screams that he dreams of his freedom?


Ask the man, I dare you

Ask him and he’ll tell

That he wants a law abolished

That he wants a throne demolished

That he wants his “freedom”.


But this man doesn’t know

This man doesn’t learn

That his "freedom" is but an illusion

He’ll gladly protest, screaming

“Freedom, freedom, freedom for all!”

But the man doesn’t know what he’s saying.


This man wears a chain

A chain round his neck

That he loves and calls "freedom"

He sees not a chain, but his “freedom”.

A "freedom" where he is still but a subject

To a ruler on high.


He’ll scream that a law is unequal,

But was it not he who wrote it?

He’ll scream that a throne is tyrannical

But was it not he who built it?

He’ll scream for his chain to be broken,

But was it not he who locked himself in it?


The "freedom" this man screams for,

Is not a true freedom,

For this man asks for the "freedom"

To choose which chains to wear.


But isn’t freedom the total liberty of man?

Isn’t freedom where man rules himself?


Ask the man again, I dare you

Ask the man again, and he’ll tell

That that is not freedom

That is anarchy

And anarchy is a wretched idea

But this man is blind

He cannot see past the lies he has fed to himself

He cannot see the true freedom.


The man will forever scream

For freedom, good freedom

For all of mankind

But he wants not freedom

But slavery.


And why does he want this you ask?

Because he built it himself

He built with his hands, and did not dare see

And when he looked at his hands, he screamed

His hands had failed, and he screamed

He screamed for good freedom.


The hands stopped working

They let the mouth be

But soon continued scheming

A king, some laws, and a chain

A chain to lock the man with.


It is for this, that the man will always scream

For he will never have his “freedom”

For that freedom doesn’t exist

So please, I bid thee,

If this is also the freedom you scream for,

Then don’t scream at all.



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