Don't wanna leave the box

I'm in a box

That's right, a box

And so are you

And he is too

At least when he was young

He was safe, unheard, unsung 

For seventeen years his life was easy

Always happy, always cheesy 


Until the year he turned eighteen

Where his future wasn't so clean and green

He had no path, no where to go

He had to get out, he had to grow old

He still much a kid, as dependent as a baby

Do you really think he can survive on his own? Maybe.

Though he has never held a job, or lived by himself

And following graduation has to manage college expenses by himelf


Calling out a cry for help 

No one can hear him, he's grown up 

Moved on to early for his own good

If the world was fair to him he would

Have a chance at life

A debt, stress free life


I don't wanna leave the box

A fortress like Fort Knox

Safe and secure form the world that's cruel 

Growing up far far far too soon








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