I'm not one for fists,

and honestly, the fact that you would punch someone for me isn't very hot.

You've seen me come to to school with black eyes,

busted lips and bruised skin.


He put his hand on my thigh.

He ran his fingers under my shirt,

and he nibbled gently at my neck.

He did all that, and I did not say it was okay.

I just sat there.

I was just trying to enjoy Kung Fu Panda, my dude.

But I didn't say no.Β Β 

And besides, you think that's the worst that's happened?

You think I'm not used to it?

We aren't together anyore.

I am not your teddy bear.

I am not something for you to protect.

I can fend for myself.

If getting over you involved letting your archnemisis kiss me,

so be it.

You're all I think about,

and I tell my friends I'm over you,

but as soon as you come to my defense all the feelings come rushing back.


Just tell me you don't care.

Tell me I asked for it.

Better yet, don't say anything.

Let me sleep around and forget you.

Don't fight for me.

I am not yours.

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