Doubtful he Is

Confident is how he is seen and perceived

Seen as one who has achieved

All think he knows what he's doing

All are unaware that he will be his own undoing


Alone, he fears what will come

Fears he will be left numb

Fears he shall fail

All his efforts are to no avail


Many praise him for his smarts

He is cherished in many hearts

Many have faith in who he shall be

A great person he will be, they all agree


He is afraid of letting everyone down

Afraid he shall only be seen as a clown

Has the bar been raised to high?

To him it seems to be in the night sky


Many perceive him to be the best of the best

Oh, how they don't know how he's stressed

Many turn to him for assistance

Even when he seems to be questioning his existence


He questions his purpose

He seems to always feel nervous

Each day he questions his true worth

His true nature he hopes to unearth


He always is uncertain

and yet he can hide this all behind a curtain

None have truly seen this side

If they claim they have, well they have lied



He is seen with smiles spread across his face

His doubts rarely show a trace

Plentiful are the jokes that he makes

On the inside, how he tries not to break


Each day, he acts as though he has a conviction

Acts as though he has no restrictions

He feels as though if he acts as though they are true

Then his true worth shall shine through


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