sometimes i feel like the whole world is against me sometimes i feel like nothing ever goes my way and it seems that things fall this way on purpose.sometimes im at my house surrounded by family and yet i feel so alone that nobody ever listens to you but you listen to them. I feel that nobody feels the love that i feel for them. Sometimes i feel so cold almost with no soul so unreal disattached from the world like im the only real person/human being. It kills me inside tho that some people have no values and they can do whatever and feel nothing or never bother apologizing. I wounder why there always has to be somebody who is full of envy and hate in every little place that cant stand to see you advance be happy or see you live and not see something bad happen to you. Sometimes this is how i feel and get so down and i have even thought of the unthinkable but i would never do it because i feel i am a strong person. I always tell myself that time and myself will get me out the way im feeling and it does. I live to show that the world has not won and never will do what it may do i will keep on going till the very end no matter what is in my way or how hard things get. 

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