Dream Dweller


You know, you weren't suppose to be here today.
But then again, you were never suppose to show up.
You just waltz into my dreams every night
And make me feel hopelessly in love.

You jerk! Why'd you have to go do that?!
I was perfectly fine with us being friends
But then my unconstitutional mind
Turned you into the perfect, singular man.

In my dreams we'll just talk, forever and ever
You'll listen and tease but only if wanted
You'll hold me and calm me if ever needed
But that's in a dream, nothing real about it.

And when I awake, and happen to see you
I can't explain my breathless ways or trembling
And when awake, you act as normal as possible
As I flee from the night before's dream-that memory.

A memory of your eyes so dear and true to me
Eyes that would never seem to try and hurt me.
Or a memory of those hands, strong yet soft
I struggle from a memory that can never be reality.

Yet here you are again, in another dream of mine
Which is slowly turning to a nightmare with each visit
For I was fine never knowing this love could be here
Never falling for a dream, the man, and visage.

...never leave my dreams, never stop this feeling
Unless only to wake me and love me in reality.
Until then, I will welcome you my dream dweller
With a love that cannot be shadowed-even by mortality.


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