Dream Job


I'm not sure what I want to be

But I know what I want to see

I know I want to see brokenness healed

To see humanity revealed

I want the heart put back in society

To stop all the hurting

I'm sick of all the crying

Looking around at lonely faces

People hiding in terrible places

The burden burning inside their soul

People who just want to feel at home

They think they're on their own

They have no hope

I want to show them how to cope

I could be an author

My words could uplift a generation

I could be a counselor

Offering solice to those with no escaping

A social worker

Saving a child from a broken situation

It doesn't matter

I just want to help those who feel alone

My dream job has no specific major

There's no classes specifically fit

I just want to help the world

I just want to help heal 

I'm not quite sure where I'll go

I just want to help someone feel at home

To bring happiness back where it belongs


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