"Hello Ms. Perkins"

"Why, hello, Tom"

"Hey, can you determine--"

"Sorry I'm on the run"

"To where, are you going?"

"Somewhere to help someone"

"Is it China for exploring?"

"Maybe, or Italy, to enjoy some sun"

"No it's for business; you are always working"

"I travel to consult, doesn't that seem fun?"

"Oh what joy, I'm literally bursting!"

"When you do what you love, your life has just begun"

"So what do you do that makes for your yearning"

"I travel to help businesses to achieve what they want to be done"

"So you do the teaching,while the businesses learn?"

"Correct. I help them be better, so they are what we all wish to become."

"And what is that, please confirm"

"Successful, but first obstacles have to be overcome."

"So where are you going?"

"I'll tell you when I'm done."

"Goodbye Ms. Perkins"

"See you later, Tom!"  









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