I like to dream. I dream of me and someone special riding horses at a vineyard. I dream of spending the rest of my life with that one special person. Love is something special, and once you find that special person, you have that special person. I want a house with a vineyard in Napa. 2 dogs, A Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever, Shiloh and Dani. I want twins, Boy and girl , Michael and Mary. And my wife, right now im 15 and I think I know who its going to be. She’s smart, athletic, loves to laugh, and independent. Over the past couple years, ive learned that dreams can help figure out how your future is going to be. In my dreams, ive seen things that make me laugh, things that make sad and things that make me just want to get up and start dancing. I’ve always been spoiled  my whole life and ever since ive met this special girl , I’ve changed completely. There’s a song that’s called Give Me A Simple Life. It’s the greatest song ever recorded. It talks about being with the ones you love, not holding grudges, and just being yourself. That’s one thing people in our generation need to know. It’s alright to be different. If you love listening to classical music and watching love/family movies or sad movies like I do, it’s perfectly fine. Since I’ve met this special girl, I learned it and im glad that she has helped me to figure it out. I have lots of dreams about her, I tell her that I haven’t seen any faces in my dreams but I see her face. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Before I was gloomy and angry every day, but because of her , I go to bed every night and wake up every day with a smile on my face. Sometimes we talk till 3am, the first time we ever did that, that’s when I knew that I love her. Before I go I think I should tell you one thing, always listen to your heart , not your head.


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