Wed, 10/15/2014 - 22:51 -- Justot


This is for anybody with a dream

just make them as they seem

so you can see bigger things

wether you dance or you sing

or you want a superbowl ring....


this is for people with a story to tell

seen heaven and seen hell

but got up everytime you fell

for better or for worse you get up

you've worked hard this isn't luck...


everybodies a dreamer, you have a goal you reach for

maybe blindly reaching out not knowing whats in store

when you have a dream nothing can hold you back

but yourself and confidence or motivation that you lack

I was called a genius, but i never saw it in myself 

grew up knowing i was poor, not knowing about wealth

grew up seeing things other kids have never seen

grew up dreaming about things adults didn't even dream

the wanting of a companion, someone to accept me

kids picking teammates, picked everyone except me

but i grew taller and that was no longer an issue

losing my best friend and using shoulders as a tissue

trying to fit in, but knowing i was an outcast

my one friend circle grew, but it sure didn't grow fast

its funny how that is, my circle grew just as fast as my body could

and my mother was a prophet cause somehow she knew it would....


this is just a short telling of the complicated life i have gone thru, like it amazes me that my mind is still in tact after so many heartbreaking events. I'm still here and still have room to grow, maybe this can help others realize and re-ensure themselves.




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