A family of 5.

A military brat always moving so it’s hard to make friends.

Times get tougher,

And I wish it all would end.

But I have dreams.


I have dreams of graduating college,

Dreams of walking down the isle,

Dreams of having children,

And being there to make them smile.

Not joining our nations wonderful forces and then being forced to go away.

No my dreams have kept me here and now I'm here to stay.


Sometimes I think of giving up,

but I know that would never work.

I try and try and try again,

always wearing a smirk,

because I have dreams.


I have dreams of friendship,

dreams of holding hands,

dreams of  loving one another,

even those in foreign lands.

I will not turn my back on anyone because of inference

I don’t care if you’re black ,white or brown, I wont judge you based on difference.


My dreams have made flawless

As I will ever be,

But if I had the choice

I would always choose to be me.

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