Each and every day
We are reminded of what makes us sway.
The dreams we wish to pursue
Seem to knock on the window as we peer through.

They give us much hope
And help through the hardships in which we cope.
Dreams are something that we look excitedly to,
Because they are such nice goals to pursue.

When things are dark with no end in sight
Dreams tend to be all that is bright.
These dreams can pull us out of the cave,
Or we can just stay blind and unable to save.

Our journeys may be long and crazy,
But we must not let this make our vision hazy.
We should stay focused on these great aspirations
And work hard towards them as well earned vacations.

So let's plug in to these dreams that enchant
And have our desires flow as electricity in a large plant.
They are worth the long chase
Especially knowing that they light up our face.

Let us keep our dreams close at every hour
So that we may never become too sour;
For these dreams help us to forget each defeat,
And that will always taste ever so sweet.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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