Dreams Are Bubbles

In denial for accomplishing nothing for 365 days, again!

why try it'll be the same thing, again!

But then if it hypothetically did stay the samewhat am I supposed to be cheering for?  A distilled lifestyle...if it changes I'd be disturbed to the possible degree of misery and discomfort in which I will be living free what I wanted to beYet I end up living the same bubble waiting for it to be popped I will make my life all fulfilled but one thing is keeping me off realities rim I am in the curves of the bubble pinned to the corner of the ceiling only to be admired by youth because they can't touch it and it's not worth going on a chair to pop it so they observe in awe and try to keep their bubbles made by cylinder paper, water and dish detergent sealed in a sphere blocking it with the palms of their handsas they keep it near but that dream always pops. My dream is too high too worthy to pop for me personally where it has trapped me I should be scared but I'm quite lucky? I can't move on to the next task like the others though I dwell on this dream like waiting for a text though the text never comes because who would I expect a text from if the Dream never runs the dreams going to hurt me but the dreams my only friend, so I'll follow through with it until the entrapment ends and it leaks to reality then the bubble will pop and all that will be left is the stain on the ceiling a memory of the idea forming into reality what a hectic tragedy for the better now I'm happy.

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Our world


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