Drifting off

Am I losing my grip on reality?

Why is everyone attacking me?

I think its my paranoia

I think im just mad at myself

People seem to think I need help

I can do this all by MYSELF

I don’t need anyone’s HELP

Depression is my worst enemy it seems like its the only thing waiting for me

I consider those my darkest hours of the day where the sun definitely doesn't shine in my face

At that very moment a wave of mixed emotions hits me

I feel like im falling

I just jumped off a building not caring about my life itself

Maybe im crazy for saying any of this

I already feel like I don’t EXIST

I barely have friends

I trust no one who doesn't understand

Im either writing or talking to myself in my head

It seems to all make sense

My sanity will be gone by the end of this

People seem to think they know more about me

I just want to co-exist without any judgment

If I wasn't among the living
Would my family really miss me if I gone away?

A question I ask myself almost everyday 

As darkness awaits trying to take what's left of you

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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