The Drug That Was His Love

I don’t know why I let him get to me like this
I was young dumb and inlove
So I was blind to the signs that’s why im feeling like this
So I guess its my fault
I let him get inside
and manipulate my mind
I let him toy with my insides
my feelings intertwined
With lust and confusion
this drug i'm abusing
The drug was his love
and i couldn't get enough
So you know i kept using
I try to put him down
but somehow i get stuck
his lies are so slick
They roll off his tongue so quick
I slowly move him towards my lips
And i slip
back in his control
I get higher with every puff i blow
I fall harder with feelings i can't control
Yet he makes me feel so low
I just can't let go
because Every time that he speaks
with every word in his speech
i feel chills down my spine

His words Were Like smoke
they're clouding my thoughts and my judgement
To judge if i should be with him
or we should just be friends
Or nothing at all
Little does he know His drugs wearing off now i can see him for who he is
Even though he's in disguise
I can see him guiding me towards my own demise
So i figured its time
For me to say my final and last goodbyes
So I try to put him down again but i get stuck again
i just can't stop
he's the only thing i know
I've been hooked for so long
i have nowhere to go
But back to the drug that was his love
So I just keep holding on
I loved this boy to much l lost myself
Hating myself so much i didn't care about my health
And i didn't wanna move on
Even though i knew i should but
Fuck how i'm feeling at the moment i'll be good. As long as i'm with him
The hurt i'm feeling can't compare
To what i'll be feeling if he ain't there
So in my mind he's the only thing that makes since
He's the only thing that can lead to my happiness
All i wanted was for us to last
But in ur life
its seems i come last
And now our relationship is in the past
Which sucks so bad
My feelings for you were so vast
It's crazy how fast we crashed our relationship is dead now
I think about you all the time i can't get it out my head
How you make me feel
This drug that i'm on make things seem so real
But i'm now i'm starting to realizes
that every thing u ever said were
And it's so crazy
Never thought you'd be the one to play me
Leave and replace me
This drug got me goin crazy
I'm tired of being here for you
when you were never there for me
So ima just leave you
forever in my memory
From this day on
im clean
And I promise
i'll never return
To the drug... that was his love.

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